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cobb swegl #5

cobb swegl
a word salad of a few fun things i found on an off the internet this week


Elizabeth Gilbert - Choosing Curiosity over Fear (On Being with Krista Tippett)

51 minutes
I recently finished "Big Magic" and have been recommending it to everyone. It did a lot more for me than "Eat, Pray, Love." This interview hits a lot of the high points of what I loved about the book.

Just Mercy with Bryan Stevenson
43 minutes
Most of you have probably read "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson or have heard him speak before, but for any of you who haven't, I hope you'll watch him on this episode of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.

A Great Insight
3 - 5 minutes
I love this sentiment. I am always disappointed that everything I have to say feels like it's been said before, but maybe it just needs to be said again, and again, and again. "The best insights, however, are the faithful ones, the banisters we can cling to."

The Things We Think and Do Not Say
3 - 5 minutes
Stephanie Phillips is quickly becoming my new Sarah Condon. This one is for all of my mom friends, but it's also for all of us.

"And so we are here, in this place where life is never all it was cracked up to be because the people with the loudest voices never seemed to tell the whole truth. Here I am, stripped of my delusions and alternately resentful of and thankful for it, depending on the moment. Here I sit, nestled in a family that cramps my style and sets me free, in a grace that asks for everything only to turn around and give it. I chose to be here, and I didn’t. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because it is exactly where–and how–I’m meant to be."

On Mental Illness
2 - 3 minutes
This one is timely and helpful, especially for those of us for whom this topic is a close one. I had previously been told to say that someone "completed" rather than committed suicide, but I agree that "died from suicide" is much more appropriate.

We All Have a Hunger
5 - 7 minutes
This one I am mostly sharing for the Abbi Jacobson quote about art.

"I think that sometimes when people go into museums they see all these things on the walls and they’re like ‘What am I supposed to get out of this?’ … and even after years of art school I feel that way most of the time. But also, I think that what you’re supposed to do is look at it and take it in. And feel however it makes you feel. Because whatever that is, is right.”

But in case you skip this one for the length ("tl;dr" or "too long; didn't read" as the kids say), this is the big take away.

It is cliché to say that Jesus is the answer to whatever question you are asking. It is not true of some questions like, “Is it a bad sign that the guy who answers the phone for Indian carry-out knows my voice, name, and order by memory?” or “How many days can I wear these shorts without washing them?” Jesus is not the answer to those questions.

But to that one question, the one that has been bothering you for years now. The one sneaky question mark that sits behind all the periods and exclamation points in your mind. The question that Florence hints at in this song, the question of your fundamental worth and loveliness in the eyes of God.

The answer to that question is most certainly Jesus.

that's it!
see you next week, beloved.


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