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a word salad of a few fun things i found on and off the internet this week

“The Episcopal Church is the absurdest version of a supremely absurd religion. (I have been her son all my life—I am reveling in my mother’s foibles, not being disrespectful.) Catholic and Protestant, authoritarian and individualistic; believing in bishops but not giving them power, believing in priests but not letting on; stylish in some places and dowdy in others, capable of real prophecy and of double-talk out of both sides of her mouth, she is indeed all things to all men, a measure stretched far out of shape, partly by carelessness but partly by her gallant attempt to encompass the boundless grace of God.”
- robert farrar capon

Correcting Joy in Swimming Pools and Pulpits: Do Y'all Need a Hug?
Sarah Condon: always bringing it. I often catch myself being a joy corrector, especially within my family. I appreciate so much how she always seems to convict me and relieve me at the same time. Make sure to watch the SNL clip of Bishop Curry at the end if you haven't already.

What's So Good About Original Sin?
This op-ed is part of a growing trend I see where secular America is starting to look past the low-hanging fruit that is the sin of the Church and starting to see where we sometimes actually know what we're talking about.

I Think We're Alone Now
I have been feeling especially lonely lately, so this was a small band-aid to the heart for me.

Spiritual health must include mental health, so my own mental and emotional health has been very important to me. That practice includes therapy, meditation, and yoga. Recently, I have also been helped a lot by an app called Pacifica. My dear friend Mary re-introduced it to me not long ago and I have found it to be so helpful for defining my feelings, tracking the habits that affect those feelings, and reframing some of the thoughts that come as a result. I hope you'll try it out.

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