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cobb swegl
a word salad of a few fun things i found on and off the internet this week

"Our own spiritual maturity is tied up with how we model and encourage that maturity in others."

"Sometimes good and worthwhile devotional practices will inspire us - and sometimes they feel more like work for long stretches of time."

- Derek Olsen, Inwardly Digest: The Prayer Book as Guide to a Spiritual Life

This is Not My Fight Song

It wasn’t a call to arms. It wasn’t a command to different behavior or a stricter set of rules. It was an invitation. This isn’t what you have to do, it’s what you get to do: be loved. See how that fits.

These were the words of grace I needed this week.

"An Easy Way to Make New Friends"
I am notorious for stalking women to make them into my new friends, and I love this idea of a Cookbook Cooking Book Club as a new way to do that. Let me know if you start one of your own!

ideas for self-care:
This week I added incense to my self-care project. I've been burning candles and diffusing essential oils like a crazy person for a while now, but I wasn't getting quite the aromatic effect I was looking for from either of those. I was able to get a simple burner and some Frankincense and Sandalwood for not a lot of money from our local Earth Fare. It's really lifted my spirits to have my home smell like church on a Feast Day.

Self-care can sometimes be thinking of someone else. Earth Fare has a loyalty card just like every other retailer in America, but I don't often shop there. Instead, I gave the cashier my dad's phone number and was able to score him enough points for $1 off his next purchase (don't tell him!). Just an idea if you're ever at a store you don't often go to but have the number of a friend or loved one who does!

that's it!
see you next week, beloved.


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