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cobb swegl #1

cobb swegl
a word salad of a few fun things I found on and off the internet this week

"the primary cause of unhappiness is not the situation but your thoughts about it."
- eckhart tolle

"the difficulty is that man thinks that his the doer. but it is a mistake. it is the higher power that does everything and man is the tool if he accepts that position, he is free from troubles. otherwise, he courts them."
- ramana maharshi

Mountaintop Experiences Are For The Birds

I really enjoyed this TED Radio Hour episode about getting outside of your comfort zone. My big takeaway was from the interview with Tim Ferris. He offered a wonderful writing exercise for risk-taking and processing your fears.

  • On the first page, make three columns:

  1. Define: Name all of your fears/negative outcomes around a specific risk you might like to take. Be very specific and list everything you can think of.

  2. Prevent: Look at each of the fears and consider if there is any action you could take to prevent the negative outcome. List any and all ideas.

  3. Repair: Look at each of the negative outcomes and think about how you might be able to repair the problem and mitigate the negative outcome if it actually happened.

  • On the second page, write all of the benefits of taking actions.

  • On the third page, write all the costs of inaction.

Pretty straightforward! But it always amazes me what writing things on paper in black and white can bring up! I am a worst-case scenario thinker, so this helps me realize how silly some of the fears in my head are!

ideas for self-care:
I am loving my experiment of "self-care." It started with surveying a few of my friends about what they do to take care of themselves, and now I am constantly looking for ways to lift my spirits, engage my curiosity, and spark joy.

This week I ordered two houseplants! I picked a peace lily and a snake plant. (If you know me, you should know I didn't know the snake plant was called that... he's living on the porch now). I have a black thumb, but these guys don't require a lot and I am excited to try again. I am hoping to name all of my plants, so if you have ideas for these guys, let me know!

I also bought a bucket of kinetic sand with dinosaur molds. Kinetic sand is so relaxing to play with! I'm a sucker for anything with dinosaurs, but moreover, I love bringing back activities from my childhood. They bring me joy and make me curious again.

that's it!
That's all I've got for this week. I'm hoping to keep these short and sweet because I know everyone is busy and has plenty to read already! I look forward to curating another short list for you next week.


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