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useful tools
We're all plagued by too many emails, right? Actually, no. I don't really have this problem. I get to "Inbox Zero" almost daily. The first step to making my email manageable was This tool allows you to indicate which emails you would like "rolled up" every day and they'll send you one daily digest each morning of all your newsletters, sales alerts, or whatever else you'd like to roll up. These emails will be archived right away and you'll just get one instead of dozens. It's basically the best. There are a few more awesome features, but I'll just let you check it out!

Pocket allows you to bookmark links in a repository that you can access anywhere. Anytime I come across a delicious recipe, a "quick guide to whatever", or some other interesting link I definitely want to check out, but not right now, I save it to Pocket. Then when I have some free time to kill, I can go back to Pocket and explore what I've saved when I'm ready.

I guess technically, you could save all of the articles you'd like to read later to Pocket, but I like the readable format of Instapaper for reading blog posts and other articles. Instapaper is a huge help to me in how I manage to read so many interesting posts every week.

Informed Delivery
If you haven't heard of Informed Delivery, I strongly recommend it! I signed up online, dropped by the post office to verify my identity, and since then I get an email showing me photos of the mail I am going to receive that day. Easy peasy! I can also access the previews in the Informed Delivery app. Now that my mailbox isn't anywhere near my front door, this has made deciding when to pick up the mail a lot easier!


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