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processing fear

I really enjoyed this TED Radio Hour episode about getting outside of your comfort zone. My big takeaway was from the interview with Tim Ferris. He offered a wonderful writing exercise for risk-taking and processing your fears.

  • On the first page, make three columns:

  1. Define: Name all of your fears/negative outcomes around a specific risk you might like to take. Be very specific and list everything you can think of.

  2. Prevent: Look at each of the fears and consider if there is any action you could take to prevent the negative outcome. List any and all ideas.

  3. Repair: Look at each of the negative outcomes and think about how you might be able to repair the problem and mitigate the negative outcome if it actually happened.

  • On the second page, write all of the benefits of taking actions.

  • On the third page, write all the costs of inaction.

Pretty straightforward! But it always amazes me what writing things on paper in black and white can bring up! I am a worst-case scenario thinker, so this helps me realize how silly some of the fears in my head are!

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